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Freestream.to Freestream.to Enjoy free movie streaming in a classy and comfortable way anywhere you want! Enjoy free movie streaming in a classy and comfortable way anywhere you want!

gold- / silver-Coin system

We want our Community to be dynamic and vivid and therefore appreciate every contribution.

To show our appreciation you will be credited with two kinds of coins to your user account.

So you might consider registering an account, which is done within seconds, to take profit from our
"Freestream.to gold- and silver-coin system”

What you receive...

You receive gold coins whenever you contribute content to our community i.e. streaming links.

If you are the first who submits a link for a certain movie,

serie episode or a porn movie you’ll be credited with 1.0 gold-Coin.
If someone happens to submit a link for the movie, serie episode or porn movie before you do,

you’ll be credited with 0.5 gold-Coins. So make sure you’re always the first. The early bird gets the worm!

If you want to collect some more gold coins there is the public Wishlist which gives you the opportunity to fill up your gold storage rapidly.

Each item on the list has a bounty set with silver coins.

If you fulfill a wish from the public Wishlist, by clicking the link "Fulfill wish", the bounty that was set on the wish will be credited to your account as follows:
Since a bounty is set with silver coins it’s value will be converted to gold coins in a ratio of 2:1.

So for every silver coin you get a half gold coin ( 1 silver = 0.5 gold). Since gold is more valuable than silver.

As you see it can have a huge impact on your gold balance and the work does definitely pay off since all of your streaming links rank by your gold balance!
See “What do I get out of it…” below.

But keep in mind that submissions of fake links just to fulfill a wish will lead to suspension of your account!
Terms of Use“ and rules for link submissions apply here as well!

Violation of the „Terms of Use“ will lead to account suspension too.

silver-Coins can get quite useful! You should collect as many as possible. But how?
Collecting silver-Coins is quite simple.


By contributing to our Community i.e. by commenting on movies, rating movie or stream quality you

earn silver-Coins while using the website.

But be aware that spamming won’t help but hurt you!

For spam comments your balance will decrease by 1 silver-Coin, you just get 0.5 silver-Coins per comment though. And yes, your balance can go negative!

A comment can get flagged as spam if it violates our „Terms of Use“ or if you hurt the community and other users vote down your comment massively, so do not be a spoiler for example!

For rating a single streamlink (video- and sound quality) you receive 0.25 silver-Coins as this helps other users to estimate if they are going to watch that streaming link or not. And if they do they are at least not disappointed because they know what to expect.

We want our website to be a great experience and appreciate any help in achieving this.

Tip:  Leave the website where you can rate the streaming link open in the background and come back to it after watching the movie. Now you can rate the quality and earn 0.25 silver-Coins! You can only rate the streaming link if you watched the movie!

Right below the link "Watch now!" you can rate the move itself and earn another 0.25 silver-Coins!

What you do you get out of it...


Your streaming links you submit will rank among others by the amount of gold coins you own in your account! So get as many gold coins as possible to ensure your links are always on the top!

The link which ranks the best gets selected as default streaming link when one opens the movie page!


If the movie you are looking for happens to not be available on Freestream.to yet, there’s a way out!

Here your silver-Coins pay off!

Choose "Wishlist“ in the menu on the left-hand side and check out the public Wishlist!

Here you may spot the movie you were looking for or if it’s not on the list yet, put it on the list with a bounty!

If it’s already there you can simply increase the bounty with your silver coins and therefore increase chances your wish gets fulfilled soon!

Spend as many silver coins as you think your wish is worth.

It can’t be much since the bounty gets converted to gold-Coins on fulfillment and gold-Coins are in great demand!

The higher the bounty the better the ranking on the wishlist!
But that’s not the only advantage you get from putting a movie on the wishlist.

As soon as it gets available you’ll be notified and it appears on the top of your Watchlist!

You can always check out an overwiev in the User-Controlpanel!