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Freestream.to Freestream.to Enjoy free movie streaming in a classy and comfortable way anywhere you want! Enjoy free movie streaming in a classy and comfortable way anywhere you want!

User Guide

Welcome at Freestream.to!
You found the place to be! A huge database lies right at your fingertips waiting for your commands. Want to enjoy legal, fast and free movie streams?
You’re the captain and here’s how your ship works:
On the left-hand side there is the menu which gets you to the right place.
Simply choose the kind of movie you want to browse by clicking the small headline.
The menu opens and presents you with various options to choose from.
Feel free to click anything you want, but a good start usually is to check the “Recent movies / series” or take a quick look at some “Fresh Porn”.
If you still don’t know where to start go to the “Genres” page, choose a genre that fits your mood and inspire yourself by the “random Selection”.

If that’s not enough be assured we are not running out of possibilities.
Below each movie there are recommendations of similar movies where you can click yourself through our database and on the right-hand side you see incoming updates scrolling!

Talking of database… of course you can search whatever you want. Feel free to type in movie / TV-serie or porn titles or even director’s or actor’s names.
Heard of a German movie you’d like to watch in English?
No problem type the German title and we’ll find it in English if it’s available!
Need a shortcut? There’s one: [ ALT + S ] and your cursor sits right in the search box.
By now you’ve found a movie to watch. Now you can check the comments, the movie’s user rating and even the quality rating of each and every single streaming link separate for sound and video after clicking the link “Watch now!” right in the middle of the page. If the currently selected streamlink does not meet your needs, open the menu on the right-hand side next to “Watch now!” and choose a mirror.

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in a day to watch the whole season or the third part of a trilogy. Therefore we added a bookmark button which in fact is a wonderful tail band made out of silk with a golden star in it (if you clicked it). It will save the movie to Your Watchlist, which is accessable via the menu on the left-hand side right below the “Change language”-option. You’ll never lose the thread.

Share our passion for movies!

Great that you’ve read till here… there’s much more to discover but there’s one big thing you shouldn’t miss:

the Wishlist!

If a movie or serie episode happens to not be available you can put it on the public “Wishlist” and set a bounty with silver coins to express your wish. When it gets available it’ll appear automatically on the top of your Watchlist and you’ll be notified with a “NEW”-Sign just above the “Watchlist”-Item in the menu.

Talking of “silver coins”… okay that’s another exciting story to tell but there is a separate page for this.

You find it here: „gold - / silver - Coins

Thank you for reading the User-Guide! We appreciate any recommendations and linking to Freestream.to very much. You can support us by voting daily for us on the Toplist-Partner links in menu on the left-hand side.

Have fun and keep coming back!

Your Freestream.to Team